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DWFO #9 Martha Meets Shakespeare

Running a bit behind on this one, but here it is! For those of you who still follow me, please enjoy!

DWFO #8: 50th Anniversary Suite

This has bee out for a while, but so have I, a bit. But it's beautiful & I'm so happy I could be a part it ^_^

DWFO #7: Amy's Suite!

Oh, just watch & listen, it's gorgeous ^_^


Yes, I do still exist. I've just not existed on LJ for... some time. I haven't had much energy or drive for writing lately. I try every once in a while, but it just peters out. I've been really focused on costuming lately, which has taken a lot of my creative energy, I think. Plus I've started a second PT job working at a friend's pizza shop. So yeah, energy gone. But I've gotten too many spam comments as of late, so I had to come clean it out. In the meantime, just thought I'd let you all know I am still alive. Just not very chatty.

I miss you guys.

DWFO #6: A Christmas Carol Suite

It's here! And it's gorgeous!

See if you can spot me! :D


From the depths of Lake Silencio...

... an Impossible Astronaut rises! 

Yes, the next release from the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra is out! Enjoy ^____^

So as usual, I'm a bit too busy for my own good. So I've not been around much & probably won't be for a week or so. But I wanted to plug this hilarious little webseries I'll be in! We started filming tomorrow, but we're still trying to raise funds. Please take a moment to watch the little video? If you like it, share it! It would really help this girl out - I think it's a funny idea that could really take off, given the chance. Thanks guys! And in cast the embed doesn't work, here's a link:  


For all you Dalek lovers out there

So a few months ago I was accepted into the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra. A few months before that, I'm ashamed to say, I didn't know they existed. But I was accepted, given parts to practice, record & submit, along with video.

Here's the end result!

Or just follow the link ^_^


Just so you guys know what's been up.

 I know I rarely post here anymore. I use this LJ mostly for keeping up with friends & watching BPAL sales. But I've been absent more than usual lately. Those who know my FB know why, but I just felt the need to, I dunno, make sure? Make sure you guys know I haven't fallen off the face of the planet...yet.

And hey, what is LJ for if not sharing squicky details with one another? XD But who know - maybe me sharing my details will help someone else who might be having the same problem somewhere.

The really overly-detailed details:Collapse )
So, the tl;dr moral of the story is: Ladies, if your period goes wonky, GET IT CHECKED. NOW. Could be nothing. Could be stress. But nevertheless, get it checked. Because who knows how long this had been going on inside me? My period went wonky when I first moved to Japan 4 years ago; it could've started then & I just thought it was stress. But I didn't get it checked & now I have to deal with not only recovering from surgery, but I'm also recovering from the resultant anemia, which I've learned could take months. Gentlemen, if the lady in your life is having menstrual problems, LISTEN TO HER. It could be she just needs to vent, or it could be a real, serious problem. Don't write it off as PMS, because sometimes it's really not. Educate yourselves on the signs of things like anemia & menorrhagia, 'cause sometimes we ladies are stubborn when it comes to our own health & won't notice things till it's too late.
And that is the state of me at the moment. It's been not quite a week since the surgery; I'm still sore & can't be upright for long periods. I move slow because I'm still kind of weak & can't do much in a day that doesn't involve sitting, & even that hurts after a while & I have to lay down. And I hate it, because I am forced to do nothing. Those of you who know me know I like to stay busy, but now I can hardly sweep the living room without having to sit down in the middle of it. But I am healing. And trust me, even as crappy as I feel now, I still feel better than I did a week ago. And I know I'll get better. Just bear with me.

Moon Meme!

 Stolen from angelsrespite 

You were born during a Full moon

- what it says about you -

You've spent your life in the middle of things, whether it's between people who oppose each other, ideas that oppose each other, or places that are very different. You're very aware of perspectives outside the norm and good at anticipating how different people will see a situation. You value second opinions, because they give you a feeling of balance. You don't have a single group of friends and the people you spend time with may not have a lot in common with each other.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at Spacefem.com

Strangely accurate... huh. And oh yah, I'm still here ^_^



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